Do you ever think about how to select the lipstick for your lips instead of just looking at what looks nice on the shelves of the store? There are literally numerous different lipsticks which make it hard to choose from. But often ladies are seen getting confused regarding the type of lipstick color they should apply so as to enhance their lips and their beauty.

This article will help the individuals in getting the best shade of lipstick that would suit their skin color.

1. The Shape of the Lips:
The shape of the lips is considered an important factor in selecting the lipstick color. There are some lip colors like dark shades that make the lips look small and light and bright colors make the lips appear big. So whenever you go out to shop for lip shades, make sure to highlight or minimize the shapes of the lips before starting to pick the lip colors. For lips which are thin, the appropriate colors are light shades of corals, beige and light pink. And try avoiding dark shades on thin lips.

2. More Than One Shade:
Ladies generally have the tendency to have favorite lipstick which they wear at work and at the office. But having more than one lip shade can be advantageous and can be used for different occasions. The lipsticks which are used for every day should be just a few shades up the natural colors of the lips. This is a lip shade which you can carry all the time and can help you manage the occasion.

3. For Dark Skin Tones:
The color of the lipstick is something that is a personal choice of the person. But for dark skinned women, lip shades of dark red would look good and would go with the skin as well. The shades of bronze and copper enhance the beauty of the woman making her look warmer and appealing. Women with cool undertones should use wine and ruby lip shades. But the color that does not go well with the dark-skinned people is orange.

4. For Fair Skin Tones:
People, who have the fair skin tone, should try wearing a light colored lipstick. Generally, if fair skinned people wear dark colored lip shades or contrast colored lip shades then it makes too much of a bleak to the pale skin. Nude shades, pinks, and light browns are always preferred lip shades by people with fair skinned people.

5. For Medium Skin Tones:
People, who have a medium tone of the skin, have more variety and range of lipsticks to choose from. These lip colors include brown color, peach and red color and fuchsia shades. If the women have cool undertones, then they can go with colors like pink and cranberry. If the skin is described as a warm undertone, then copper and bronze lip shade would work well for that skin undertone.

6. Lipstick for Daytime:
The time of the day to wear a lipstick is an important factor when deciding the color of lip shade. Keeping in mind the tone of the skin, the lipstick to be worn during the day would look the best if chosen and kept casual. Avoiding the dark colors will help you look your best because they would look too gaudy during the day. Instead try using shades of pinks, oranges, beiges and light shades. The rest of the makeup can be kept on the lighter side to match.

7. Lipstick for Night:
Selecting bright shades like bright pink, reds, and mauve during the night can be a great choice. Whenever you want to enjoy the casual party at night, make sure that your lips are the most attractive feature on your face by toning down the rest of the makeup. Have fun at the party by looking your best and making your lips look attractive and the most appealing feature on the face.

8. Cool and Warm Skin Tones:
You must be knowing about the undertones of one’s skin. The easiest and most convenient way to know your skin undertone is by looking at the veins on the inner wrists in natural light. If the veins are blue the undertone skin of the person is cool and if it appears green, then the undertone of the skin is warm.

9. Type of Dress:
Selecting the right kind of lipstick does not always depend upon the skin tone and the right shade. Many times it also depends upon the kind of dress being worn at the occasion. Trying different lip shades matching with the outfit also is a helping factor that would help one in picking the perfect lipstick. Nude shades of the lipstick go well with any kind of outfit. But wearing a bright red lipstick with a bright red dress might not be a good option.

10. Try Before Purchasing:
While purchasing the lipstick, take the help of the beauty advisor at the counter. A professional can give the right advice regarding the lipstick that suits your skin tone. Moreover, it is not necessary that the color of the lipstick would be same as on the package. Try the lipstick under a brightly lit place so you can check it out properly.
Hope this article helps you in choosing the best lipstick which would go well with the skin tone of the individual. Choose wisely and look the best. #KhabarLive


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