There can never be entirely disputing the drawing power of high fashion, and when it is in tandem with a place like Milan, the effect can be quite mesmerizing. Milan has been since ages considered the home to fashion and to use this venue, coupled with the hosting of the Fashion Week, to bring on a moment of reflection not just on the fashion world but to the world at large can be just the right approach.

If indeed the issue at hand is something that a lot of women and not just to any social strata can empathize with, the venue and occasion could not have been more suitable.
The focus that shows biz and indeed the fashion industry brings to specific issues
With the showbiz and indeed the fashion industry, a factor that runs familiar to these two seemingly different areas of art is the role of women.

These two fields do revolve around the glamour that women bring to the screen as well as the catwalk. Often the two are intertwined, and the distinction between the two can be very feeble.

People tend to look up to the people in showbiz and high fashion to lead in some cases and this is particularly so when issues concerning women in workplaces are concerned. Most working women do tend to idolize the on-screen divas and the ones on the catwalk and would in many ways manage to bring themselves to the apparent ideals they stand.

The ever-present issue of harassment at workplace
It is just not the correct perception that harassment at workplace is all about sex appeal. On the other hand, it is more an issue with power over the other than the fact of being a male or female. And historically, it is the men folks that are in positions of power and most administrative roles in most industries. Thus harassment at the workplace happens to be aimed at the person in a weaker part, and this is essential is the whole issue of exploitation of women as well.

The critical role of the film industry and fashion models to shape thoughts just cannot be ignored, and this is the key to using the avenue provided by the Fashion Week at Milan to bring focus to some pressing issues of the times. That is primarily a matter of living a life of dignity.

The introduction of the #metoo moment
The #mettoomoment must be considered to be a groundbreaking attempt to address the issues that women face in the workplace. The fashion industry is often the focus for a lot of questions concerning the women working in the industry, and it is an attempt to help people to come to terms and address the real issues.

There have been some attempts at romancing the issue of women’s harassment over the years and of a particular note must be efforts like the Pretty Woman, a movie of the 1990s that sort of glorified the power that men had over women in society and over the real issue of livelihoods.

Thus in introducing a #metoomoment, the focus would turn to the actual conditions of women in the fashion industry and showbiz as a lot of the lurking details would come out into the open for discussion and contemplation. In many ways, a broader awareness of the issues that most women in the fashion industry face can help sensitize the people that are in a position to make a real difference.

Giving a forum for expression
One thing that must be said of the #mettomoment is that it brought people to discuss in the open some of the darker issues in the workplaces. This could be a good factor as change can only come about if the problem is acknowledged in the first place and this is a first step in the direction. When there are a lot of the women that come out to tell of the issues they faced in the rise to glory and of problems that are still alive in the workplaces, it is possible that people would be sensitized to the need to address the situation.



No doubt women have come a long way at the workplace and with the changing roles at the homes as well. But there still needs to be an effort to create the work situation that is meant to create equality between the sexes.

Using the Milan Fashion Week
Right throughout the Fashion Week, a critical point that found expression across the event was the #metoomoment. More than anything else, it was a real moment for reflection. It brought out to the open some of the more prevalent practices in the fashion industry, and it became evident that it was not just a one-off moment but a common practice.

Often the narratives by those affected by the harassment issues were touching as well as repulsive. But still, for probably the first time, these issues were seen as pressing enough to be put on active discussion right across the week. This could well be the start of addressing an issue that goes beyond the glamour and glitz of the Milan Fashion Week. #KhabarLive


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