From everyday tough and tight working routines, every person has a right to take a break and give his mind a bit of relief. And the best way to do that is traveling, visiting a new place. Heaven cannot be found on earth but pieces of heaven for sure are there. what is required for us is to go and visit those places which are out of the best creations of the Almighty.

Need for an adventure trip
Hectic day to day schedules with tight and long working hours have made human very busy and tedious. but we all need to accept this fact now that we are humans and not machines and so rest is best required. Traveling is not a thing that demands a complete list or anything of that sort. It is fun and wanderlusts know that a click in the mind brings you to a whole new place. What is really needed is that you enjoy the destination as well as the path leading to it. It really matters with whom you are traveling because a good traveling partner can enhance your fun, be it family or friends or you yourself alone. Hence for the beginners who have got to inculcate such habit newly, there is nothing to be worried about.
Here are 5 exciting travel adventures for the beginners:

1. Mountains or hill stations:
People who have been living in the plains or near the coasts always want to discover what it is to visit a hill station. India, a country with all types of geographies gives you this great opportunity of switching amongst whichever place you wish to visit. There are several hill stations like Kullu, Manali, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Mussoorie etc. The cold breeze coming from the mountains can make you feel like in heaven. Good food and adventures like trekking or paragliding add on to the fun making your soul flush with happiness.

2. Seashores:
Talking about the seashore the very first place that comes to your mind is Goa. Some other seashores include Mumbai and some parts of south India. These places blessed with sea banks have a number of places to visit. With the commencement of the foreign cultures, it provides you with the adventure of best and different cuisines, clubbing etc.

3.Old is gold:
The proof of the above statement is extensively found in a country like India. Places like Ajmer, Udaipur, Ajanta Alora caves and the old temples found in southern parts of India carved with the beauty of Indian culture on the walls are the out of the best places to visit. the ultimate culture drift that might be required can be attained from these visits.

4. Pilgrimage adventure:
A country full of pilgrims and pilgrimage sites provides you with immense of options to seek soul silence or what you may call as ‘moksha’. Places like Banaras, Haridwar, Tirupati, or a Char Dham yatra is best suited for the people with silent souls.

5. Foreign Trip:
If you are loaded with money and can afford to have a trip overseas, then the best place that can be suggested is Thailand. This place is full of adventures which will gleam your eyes up and rejuvenate you. Islands and massage parlors facilities in international locations are like true stress relievers. Filled with new adventures, the best clubs are in the same international location.

You just have to pack your bag and get ready to travel to a new place to see what is out there waiting for you! #KhabarLive


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